Hello, My name is Bridget Hall and my only son had signs of a mental disability at a very young age despite my efforts to help him avoid the judicial system once he was an adult it fell on deaf ears like many others.For more three years he was incarcerated possibly with a 10 year sentence of a petty crime.The resources for independent outpatient reentry programs and transitional living facilities was basically nonexistence within the criminal justice system.Yet, regardless of the obstacles I knew my son was not being treated fairly and I loved him too much to let it go without a fight. The physical discomfort I suffered for nine months when pregnant with him resulted in high risk pregnancy so he was born with many complications.Doing my best to raise two young children despite my own physical and mental barriers I began to seek help from the schools,hospitals and court officials just to be convinced it was only "BAD" behavior.Yet years later,he continued to suffer while his condition worsens because he was unaware, too embarrassed and emotionally tired to admit his feelings.Nobody could never convince me that a child as bright and intelligent as my son was dealing with something as trivial as bad behavior so as Mother, I could never stop seeking justice for him.(Update:6/2017 My son was released with a mental diagnosis and all charges dismissed) Truly Thankful..NEVER give up on your love ones.

With a broken-heart and increased anxiety of not being able to help my son, I pursued a higher education in Adult Mental Health and made a personal vow to do any and all within the Most High's will to help those who suffer the same fate.A mental Illness is often a serious lifetime healing process that requires a lot of understanding,patience,endurance and time.In these days a such high demand of the need to find help for yourself or an challenging love one is slim or nearly impossible.This domino effects many diverse people no matter background or ethnicity causing homelessness,drug/alcohol addiction,mass incarceration and the worse case scenario even death.Most government programs are overcrowded and understaffed.After intense research and ideal developments I knew something had to be done....at that moment my journey begin and I knew my exact earthly "calling" is to help.

Paradise Independent Living,LLC. was est.2005 via Houston TX to provide options that give second chance opportunities through education, rehabilitation and safe, secure housing.

Through life lessons,self-education,creative research and career experience, I developed excellent communication skills that will hopefully help make a positive impact for disadvantaged individuals and crippled communities.There are growing concerns among many individuals whom are seeking help for services that may provide successful transition back into society for you and/or love ones.This organization is designed with compassion, understanding and love in hopes to help eliminate most of the recidivism that plaques so many in the US today.I would like to thank everyone for your interest and hope to speak to you soon.#PrayingForHealing

Become part of team that helps those in need.

Our programs are designed to HELP provide rehabilitation to recently released inmates from jail or prisons who MAY suffer mild to moderate mental illness(s), ones who may struggle addictions(limited services) and/or felonies who are released but struggling to find employment/careers. The ULTIMATE solution is to rebuild communities by working with each other in order to reduce repetitive mass incarceration. This problem affects ALL communities and can only be address accordingly. Thanks for your interest in our programs please feel free to contact with any questions.