Poverty Eradication, Advanced Education, Spiritual Insight, Self Motivation


To connect with local and/or state organizations, community leaders and positive motivational speakers in order to reach men, women and youths living within poverty neighborhoods and suffer from mental captivity.The goal is to educate while providing necessary spiritual food as well as enhancing self esteem to those striving to exercise Human Rights by asserting dignity as being full citizens aware of the need to regain control of one's individual life.
WHIUS was created to help eradicate poverty in Southern States (Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama with a focus on Texas). WHIUS is designed to help promote resources that allow positive community leaders to come together offering skills, knowledge and resources which assist less fortunate individuals by presenting different avenues that will help those whom are mentally exhausted and feeling hopeless.

Poverty is a solvable problem that roots within INJUSTICE FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE. As taxpayers, we should be able to take action within our own communities. When we eliminate the INJUSTICE, we eliminate POVERTY. When united together in love and respect it allows righteous individuals the opportunity to take control of their families, communities and most important themselves. WHIUS implement programs that teaches gardening skills,healthy eating choices, home schooling alternative ideas,motivational speaking,fund raising assistance,and so much more.The greatest aspect of all is working with our youths and allowing opportunity for their ideas/concerns to have a platform while teaching to build,live and survive together.For more information,ideas or just want to donate your time please contact me I would to love speak with you..Toda Rabba

Become a part of the team to help less fortunate individuals.

My organization works through personal funding, federal grants and donations to provide housing,food,employment resources and spiritual insight which helps rebuild communities while reducing the negativity that has been misleading and misunderstood far too long.